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Who are Triple Diamond Four Wheelers?

Triple Diamond Four Wheelers (TDFW) are a group of International Harvester (IH) Scout and light truck enthusiasts founded in 1999.  We are an East Coast group with most members hailing from New England and the Mid-Atlantic states, but membership is open to all.  We currently have over two hundred members.

What is the club’s purpose?

TDFW is a social club dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of IH Scouts and Trucks.  We’re into a little bit of everything from pristine show quality restorations to four wheeling in the mud.  We place a heavy emphasis on safety, responsible wheeling and protecting the environment.  Also, we’re a family club — we want our vehicles and our trails to be there for generations to come.

What kind of things does Triple Diamond Four Wheelers do?

Presently we have two major social events per year, Spring and Fall, in the Pinelands of New Jersey.  These are weekend-long events where we wheel during the day and hang out over dinner at night.  We also host the East Coast Scout & Light Truck Regionals in conjunction with the Carlisle All Truck Nationals every August in Carlisle, PA.  In between events our members also host smaller get-togethers and work days.

How do I get in touch with you?

We currently congregate online in our own private Facebook group.  You can email us using the Contact Us link in the toolbar above if you’d like to join.  You will need to provide us the email address under which you’re registered on Facebook.  In the future we’ll hopefully be posting more information here so you don’t need a Facebook account to keep up.

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